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17 June 2012 @ 11:27 pm
Wishlist <3.  
title or description

The following is a updated list of Items (06.28.2012) that I currently am looking for. Please note that I am looking for the exact dresses/colorways and styles that are posted (i may consider other cuts/colorways but i pretty much have what I want set in stone). I am also looking for the complete sets as priority for all of these dresses. It doesn't meant that I won't buy just the dress, however I will take sets as priority over one piece offers. :)

Top Most Wanted:

From Left To Right

IW Grizia Crown, MMM Divine Cross, MMM Silent Moon,
Lief Gardenberries, IW Charles Crown, AATP Rose Jail, AATP Vampire Requiem,
AP Holy Night Story, AP Royal Poodle Applique